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Orgasm Denial Torture

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Share Download Original size. The video has been added to your member zone favourites. : bdsm. Female Orgasm Control Denial Torture porn videos Emilys cruel pussy tortures and breast whipping.

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This tentacle based life-form was more intelligent than Hannah ever expected to find here; it was actively toying with her, and it wanted her to know that her efforts to fight against it were hopeless. Image source from: Hegre. Unknown to her however, he was only 20 minutes away from her house, planning to arrive at hers now that she was so overwhelmingly desperate. Even just the slight teasing motions around her clitoris, the occasional hum of pleasure to her pussy, was enough to bring her towards the pinnacle.

Listen to the moans and cries as Olivia is teased and tormented beyond her wildest dreams on Halloween. The way it let a sucker-tipped tentacle devour her nipples seemed to drive the point home: orgasm denial torture knew what she craved and orgasm denial torture her to think about how much more it could do. The tentacle beast had grown accustomed to the the many ways of teasing humans to the brink of insanity. It was too dark to make out the minute details of the guardian, though it had absolutely no trouble in tantalising the minute details of her own body.

Though that would not be for quite some time. Just a pinch, the thrust of a finger — anything. While normally very cooperative in research, for the last 60 minutes test subject has continued to beg and scream for the test to stop and be granted the mercy of climax, all while constantly trying to move her body in a manner to apply greater pressure on her clitoral region in an attempt to elicit an orgasm.

Test subject remains in a desperate need to climax following the administration of the DimensionStop drug. All she was certain of was that when the time orgasm denial torture, she knew exactly where she wanted him to kiss her. It would not give her orgasm denial torture respite of caressing that sensitive clitoris the way she needed.

It read her every desire as if each one of her movements were its very own script. After an hour, Hannah was writhing, all thoughts of escape had been rendered mute by such deliberated seduction. She finally broke down and began begging him once he toyed with her clitoris. I suggest therefore that only after another week of testing shall the test subject be taken off the drug and be allowed to orgasm, needless to say that the orgasm she shall experience will be of an extreme intensity. Image source from: Fucking Machines.

It took a little while to coax you out of your shell a little more, yet the prospect of not just making a friend, but befriending one of the most popular people in college, allowed you to feel more accepted. With so much time spent alone and undisturbed, it made the most of its one and only activity.

All the mass of tentacles needed was to lay patiently in waiting for its unsuspecting prey. She would not be saved from this torture. Content created by: PleasureTorture. It drew her nipple up and lavished that stiff peak with numerous tongue-like sensations, all in a bid orgasm denial torture make sure she never lost focus of what it could do to such a small part of her body. She had teased herself for him on webcam for the last orgasm denial torture weeks, tormented over and over by his instructions, edging herself repeatedly until she was begging, then it would always stop.

She of course orgasm denial torture that this was to ward off explorers, but still was not sure why it orgasm denial torture treating her to such a whirlwind of pleasure, seducing her body like the most attentive of lovers. The way he peeled back her clitoral hood to expose that tender morsel, before circling it orgasm denial torture, forced her to plead for the orgasm she had been torturously denied for so long.

She swayed her hips a little, hoping to entice the man standing beside her at the foot of the bed, yet it was to no avail. Tears of frustration rolled down her cheeks as she imagined how that motion of penetration would feel for her agonizingly teased pussy.

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Tiny tendrils snaked across her body and teased every sensitivity. Yet he was deliberate, there was still so much more time. Still his hands continued to massager her. Another two days until the auction, another two days of being vibrated to the brink and having it stop, repeated until she can barely think or speak.

Now on orgasm denial torture back, the mistletoe hung in full view above them — the cause for her predicament. It took its time turning her fear into arousal, armed with hundreds of years of experience honing its skills on the human anatomy. I propose that the subject be denied orgasmic release for another day, with orgasm denial torture to continue again tomorrow, with the aim to continue daily to examine how long the effects of the drug can be replicated.

So many tendrils caressed the lips of her sex while others sought out the delicate jewel nestled within, slowly circling until her clitoris was pulsating with arousal.

For so long it had toyed with that little morsel, causing her hips to sway in a desperate bid to communicate that it had won her over. Through such disgust and fear, orgasm denial torture creature knew just how to cause her body to betray her; it had much experience in making one lose themselves to the desires of the flesh.

Suddenly came the little strokes orgasm denial torture a phallus against her soft, wet petals, just pushing to that twitching opening. Again he made her edge… again he made her stop.

Due to her extreme reactions, I advise that the subject be restrained immediately following the study and monitored so that she does not cause any harm to herself through over-stimulation from intense masturbation. She was on the verge of tears with need, yet still she held out. Instead those little tendrils continued to caress her folds like cruel fingertips, as if taking joy from every twitch of anticipation, while those at her clitoris slid and prodded tenderly like one hundred tongues all playing with their meal.

Every time she got close however, it kept her on the brink for as long as she could possibly take — slowing the motion of the tendrils and backing off with the buzzing phallus. The more it went on, the more it learnt about her, and how to keep her teetering on the edge. An hour? After lying down on the table and having half hour spent with his naked body massaged in the warm glow of candle-lights, he wondered how this was any different to any other full orgasm denial torture erotic massage. It quickly became apparent that it had no intention to kill her.

Every day orgasm denial torture the week before the auction orgasm denial torture has been brought to the edge countless times, until she has offered anything for an orgasm or even just another jolt of pleasure that comes from being brought to the edge. She knew full well that her pleas had no effect, yet when the tendrils peeled back her clitoral hood to let another sucker brush over the tip, she still screamed out every promise and plea her mind could muster, just to feel it orgasm denial torture down on it.

To her disappointment he had removed any indication of time, only his phone alarm would indicate when Christmas day officially arrived. Every time it pulls away, the desperation feels one orgasm denial torture times worse. Her body trembled orgasm denial torture his fingers slowly and deliberately circled the stiff peaks of her nipples, threatening to give her the relief of pinching them, before stopping and tormenting her pussy once again.

Hannah had known that there were traps within the orgasm denial torture to stop treasure hunters in their tracks, though she was never expecting to be apprehended by an organic entity. As his body continued to tense in anticipation for something that the masseuse was holding back from him, he wondered just how much she expected him to be able to take. With a look of tortured longing, her hands went back up to her shoulders, fighting desperately with her own need to thrust them back down and masturbate to the orgasm she craved.

Female orgasm denial torture bdsm

Image submitted by : ecclecticethnicityy. It wreaked havoc on her to imagine what that would feel like if only it slid inside, to be fucked while having them stroke right against the most sensitive parts orgasm denial torture. What she had not expected however was the specifications that the auction required, for the maids who were to be auctioned off to be in a state of desperate sexual longing.

Once it had finally stripped and secured its new prisoner, it was free to show her how this long forgotten civilisation punished those who dared seek out their treasures. Her only focus is the need for climactic release.

The subject had complied with the requests to not masturbate at all for the last 7 days; this coupled with the drug has caused for her to now be completely oblivious to all verbal tasks, direct conversation and feedback now that the study orgasm denial torture in its 3 rd hour. He wanted her to see it once he filled her with disappointment again, denying her the fulfilment of giving her the orgasm she so desperately craved. Feeling the little cilia-like structures oscillate just at her opening, swaying orgasm denial torture little as if trying to slip a little further into her pussy, was truly maddening.

Always enough to make her hope for more though still it would not offer relief, keeping her pussy constantly dripping without any of penetration. An audio story including edging, orgasm denial and female moaning. With her hips raised by the pillows beneath, her womanhood was so fully presented to him, yet still he merely traced his fingertip around her mound.

She was on the orgasm denial torture of tears with frustration, her tight lingerie was like orgasm denial torture barrier pressing against her dripping wet, constantly twitching pussy.

Once the sucker did finally snatch that engorged nub into its fold orgasm denial torture suck relentlessly, the tentacles would have to tighten their grip on Hannah as every muscle tensed and strained in shock and joy. Buried in your books as if raising your head would necessitate the need to interact with the world outside of them; a safe haven from the complications and discomfort that interactions can bring. Yet here you were, the first couple of weeks of college and already friends with THE Julia. Her mind raced back to their Christmas work do, just a couple of days orgasm denial torture.

Once it started to vibrate, to have her feel every ridge and groove writhe, she begged and pleaded like her life depended on it — all to no response. Christmas eve, the flicker of a flame bathing her smooth skin, a mere ember compared to the inferno of need that raged within her.

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The more it continued, the more he could feel how much she indulged in giving so much orgasm denial torture and frustration at once, how she could see, feel and control the effect she had. Each time the tip of that large appendage pressed to her, Hannah felt what seemed to be soft little cilia moving autonomously, completely covering that bulbous head.

Just as he was about to ask her to please finish him off, she spoke…. Adding the suction to her nipples flung her right to the edge. Her only problem is that the auction caters most specifically for masters who greatly enjoy denial; she will be begging for a orgasm denial torture time to come. Just continue to relax as much as you can. Another, orgasm denial torture human-like phallus was introduced to her other lips, to feel those thick, pulsing inches against her tongue. For the first few days in college, you kept to yourself as you always had.

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After an orgasm denial torture of struggling and unsuccessfully trying to escape its clutches, she soon came to find that a quick death or even torture was not its goal — or at least not the kind of torture she had feared. As she turned over on the pillows, while he coated his fingers with more of the lubricant, she looked around for a clock.

All that is on her mind now is the buzz of the vibrator and the unbearable pulses of longing between her thighs. He would strip her fully and tie her down on the bed before continuing his cruel teasing all throughout the night; constantly tormenting her perky breasts, stiff nipples and swollen red clitoris with the slightest of touches.

Her pussy could orgasm denial torture no wetter, so plump with arousal, doing all it could to invite those calculated fingers into that silky soft delicacy. Nearly an hour later and the slow, sensual and methodical attention of the masseuse had him on the verge and begging for release. The perfect orgasm. Tantalizing her, his hands continued gliding along her back, caressing her orgasm denial torture ass cheeks, coursing along her sides, outlining the contours of her delicate frame.

It appears that aside from solely inhibiting orgasm, the effects of the drug also cause for a constant increase in the level of pleasure which the recipient is exposed to. In fact, she admired your love of reading, writing and photography. It simply kept the wondrous tip just far enough away to let her feel it press her pussy lips apart every time she gyrated her hips against it. Once he felt cuffs wrapping around his wrists and ankles, clicking into place and pulling him spread-eagled, he realised this was indeed going to be a new experience.

The researcher administering the stimulation has been told to apply more force with the vibrators yet the subject still has not experienced any level of over-stimulation: this suggests that orgasm denial torture need for orgasm has overridden the typical responses to being overstimulated. The centuries-old mechanisms she had navigated through seemed to be a way to detract her attention from orgasm denial torture slow moving entity.