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Fluid bonding refers to the decision to stop using barrier protection during sex and exchange bodily fluids with your partner. During safer sex, some barrier methods, such as a condom or dental what is fluid bondingreduce the chance that you and your partner will share fluids. This includes semen, saliva, blood, and ejaculate.

What Is Fluid Bonding

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The horror! People do not choose to do this lightly, nor is it practiced out of lack of sexual responsibility. Kenneth Play, an international educator and creator of the Sex Hacker Pro series, tells TheBody that this goes beyond ejaculate. It also includes vaginal secretions, saliva, and blood. Basically, all sexually related fluids that can potentially be exchanged are not actively prevented from doing so. While fluid bonding is very common among monogamous couples, it also exists widely in polyamorous circles, wherein people have what is fluid bonding sex with multiple partners.

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Everything you should know about fluid bonding

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Barebacking hits different when you think of it as an exchange of bodily fluids, which is what it is. For some, the decision to fluid bond might be purely about increasing physical sensitivity and stimulation, while for others, the idea of barrier-free sex may be a turn-on in and of itself. The InsideHook Newsletter. One of the biggest distinctions that sets fluid bonding apart from the way we often talk about barrier-free what is fluid bonding is the emphasis that fluid bonding with a partner is an active, conscious choice what is fluid bonding an important one that should be made carefully.

Essentially, fluid bonding is just a term for sex without the use of barriers, one that acknowledges the real seriousness of that act.

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Depending on the people and sex acts involved, those fluids might include semen, saliva, vaginal fluids, anal secretions and blood. And awesome.

There’s a term for when you stop using condoms with a partner, & it might surprise you

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Fluid bond

But whatever it means to you, it still involves the literal exchange of bodily fluids with another human being. The question of why two people having sex might choose to do it without a condom may seem like a no brainer — because sex without a condom feels better, duh — but the reality is, partners may choose to fluid bond for a wide variety of reasons.

Blame the Pandemic. That obviously still what is fluid bonding barrier-free sex partners vulnerable to STIsbut having sex without a condom also involves many other factors that are often left out of the greater sexual health discourse, what is fluid bonding that usually focuses on pregnancy and STI prevention while largely ignoring the mental and emotional effects of condomless sex.

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What is ‘fluid bonding’ and should i even consider it?

Recommended Suggested for you. Yes, wanting to enhance the physical sensations of sex might well be one of them, but there are plenty of other factors that may influence the decision.

Reasons for fluid bonding can be physical, emotional or part of a bigger decision, as in the case of couples trying to conceive. Barrier-free sex is more than just skipping condoms, and acknowledging it for what it really is — the literal exchange of bodily fluids with another person — emphasizes the gravity of a choice many of us tend to make all too carelessly.

While the reasons and what is fluid bonding behind fluid what is fluid bonding can vary ificantly from couple to couple, every instance of fluid bonding has at least one thing in common: an informed agreement between two sex-having adults who treat condomless sex the way sex-having adults should — as a serious decision that should not be made lightly. up now.

Your required Please enter a valid address. That said, we also all know how easy it can be to justify ditching a condomespecially with the widespread availability of long-acting birth control.

We should act like it. That said, fluid bonding can mean different things to different people, even two people in a fluid-bonded partnership.

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Fluid bonding is more than just sex without a condom

Washington DC. Subscribe Follow Us facebook instagram pinterest twitter linkedin. Discussing these things before the act sets the stage for conscious, safer sex. Condomless sex, like sex in general, can mean very different things to different people at different times.